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Can a Christian Vote for a Democrat?

I always thought Hillary would be the worst President ever; however, it seems Obama does something that is devastating to Christian values, our nation as a whole, our money or investments, our security as a nation, or our sovereignty as a nation. I can’t wait for the day when he is gone from the office he was never qualified to hold and never should have held. As bad as Hillary would be, no one(hopefully) can top what this one man has done for the moral decay of this country.
Trump may not be the ideal candidate for President of the United States; however, as Christians, we only have one choice. The Democratic Platform is basically for all that is evil and abhorrent according to God’s Word. With a platform of death and murder of innocent babies, anti-marriage and amoral lifestyles being thrust onto all of the USand making it illegal to object, and a policy of bigger government solves everything by making its subjects completely dependent to that central dictatorship for not only sustenance, but also jobs, and how to think. That is not a platform that can be justified in the light of the Word of God, the Bible. 

With Trump, maybe, just maybe we can take our country back before we step off the cliff that is directly in front of us as Americans. Maybe, we can get back some of the freedoms that have been lost during the divisive reign of BHO.

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